This area offers several natural attractions, a playground surrounded by deers that will keep you company along the path to the old farm. Children will be happy to stroke the donkeys, ponies, rabbits, and other small and large farm animals. The trailhead offers a reconstructed trading post of New France and Indian tipis that will take you back to the history of Quebec.

Winter season

  • Enjoy our natural attractions such as snowshoeing amongst the deer.

  • In season, take the trail to the old sugar shack where maple products are offered at reasonable prices.

  • Warm up around hot chocolate and a fire at Lumberjack Camp.

Summer season

  • Have a picnic with the deers, they will definitely want to share your lunch.

  • A vegetable garden completes this bucolic picture.

  • Enjoy a good meal at the Cookerie and finish with an ice cream at our ice cream stand.

  • Walking trails accessible to the Farm.

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The Wolf Presentation

This footbridge allows you to overlook the wolves and bears in their natural environment. Are you fascinated by wolves and bears? Meet our tour guide on the footbridge in order to learn more about these species.

The enchanted house

This original piece of sculptor created by artist M. Therrien is a must see attraction. Take the time to enjoy a on-site picnic with the deers.

Trading post

The trading post with its artifacts and numerous illustrations immerses you in the world of fur trade where natives would exchange their fur for their first European goods with the so called wood runners. Visit the guard tower and trading post (history museum) every day.

The old farm

At this beautifully restored farmhouse dating from the beginning of colonization, you can admire several small and large farm animals.

Lumberjack Camp

Visit our gift shop to find the perfect souvenir.

Natural Theater

Due to Covid-19, the bird of prey show is temporarely suspended.


In the summer season, you can stop at our snack bar and enjoy a delicious meal made from local products. On the menu: poutines, hot dogs, burgers and much more! You can enjoy it all on our sunny terrace.


Perfect spot to enjoy an ice cream.


Wolves presentation

More details to come


Video zone

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