Schedule, reservation & admission

We are open every day of the year, even on holidays. Opening hours vary depending on the season. Consult all details on our online ticketing.

It is recommended to book online.

However, if you are in one of these situations, you can come to the park admission without a reservation.

  • You have a gift card
  • You have Tuango ticket
  • You have a free Pass (family pass)
  • You have an annual membership
  • You have a reservation in an accommodation
  • You are accompanying a person with a disability (with Acces 2 or Accompagnement loisir card)

Yes. It is possible to change the date and time of your reservation up to 1 day before the new desired date. Following your purchase online, you will receive a confirmation email with a link allowing you to change the date of your visit.


Car trail

During the 15km car trail, it is prohibited to exit the vehicle even just to take photos. You are allowed to get out of your car in the dedicated walking trail zones, in the Land of the Pioneers and on the First Nations’ Trail.

Please note that in order to do the car tour, you must have a vehicle.

No, you may not visit the park in the pick-up bed. All doors must be kept closed even if, for any reason, your car windows cannot open. This is for your safety.

It is not recommended to visit the park in a convertible car (Jeep, Tyrex, etc.) as animals can put their heads in your vehicle which reduces your protection. During the mating period (end of August to mid-October), it is strictly forbidden to visit the park in a convertible vehicle or Jeep without doors or a roof. Omega Park is not responsible for accidents. At the admission, we will ask you to close the top of your convertible or to put the doors and roof back on your Jeep.



The animals found in the park are mainly animals from North America and Canada (deer, bears, wolves, foxes, coyotes, rodents, mountain goats, farm animals). We also find some animals of European origin (Alpine ibex, wild boar). All the animals in the park live in their natural environment.

Yes, on the car trail, you may feed the deer and elk but it is forbidden to feed the bison and the wild boars. On the walking trails, you may feed the white-tailed deer and the fallow deer.

You may only feed carrots to the animals. You can purchase carrots at the Park House or bring your own.


Restauration, activities and other

You’ll find one snack bar halfway on the car trail, which is open every day during summer season and on weekends only during winter season. You’ll also find a market with local products and a coffee with sandwiches and salads at the Park House, located at the beginning of the car trail. The park house is open every day.

You can bring your own lunch. We have picnic tables in the pedestrian areas of the park. During winter, we have some indoor picnic areas as well.

It is prohibited to use a gas or propane barbecue in the park.