We are open every day of the year, even on holidays.
We accept Visa, Mastercard, Interac or cash. We do not accept American Express.
Yes, on the trail, you may feed the deer and wapitis but it is forbidden to feed the bisons and the wild boars. In the walking trails, you may feed the white-tailed deer and the fallow deer.
You may feed only carrots to animals. You may purchase carrots at the gift shop.

With the purchase of 4 tickets, including at least 2 adult tickets, you get a family discount of $ 10. This discount is applicable on online ticketing, as well as at admission.

During the 15km driving path, it is prohibited to exit the vehicle even to take pictures. You are only allowed to get out of your car in the dedicated walking trail zones.
No, you may not. All doors must be kept closed even if, for some reasons, your car windows cannot open. This is for your safety.

It is not recommended that you go around the Park in a car that does not offer as much protection (Jeep, Tyrex, etc.) as in closed cars. The animals have direct access to you, which puts you at a greater danger. The Omega Park is not responsible for accidents. At the admission, we will ask you to close the top of your convertible.

The animals do not bother any kind of weather. You can see them easily. Only bears cannot be seen during the winter because they hibernate.
We do have a snack bar in the Park that offers a varied menu.

You may bring your own lunch. We have picnic tables in the walking trail zones.

The café at the farm is closed however the farm is open from Spring to Autumn

There are always risks involved in circulating amongst wild animals. The safety instructions that are given to you upon your arrival must be followed at all times. That will greatly reduce the risk of accidents with an animal. Be safe, you are driving at your own risks.

No, it is not possible to circulate in the Park by motorcycle.

Yes, you may do the visit with your trailer.

School buses, Voyageur buses and motorized vehicles can do the visit of the Park without any problem. The trail is large enough for them. Visitors must stay in the vehicle in the driving path.

Depending on how busy it is in the Park, it is possible to park a car at zone 4.  Ask at the admission where it is more appropriate to park your second car.

The receipt that is given to you at the admission is valid for the whole day. You may exit the Park and come back by presenting your receipt at the admission.

You have to reserve and purchase your tickets online.

You do not have to reserve for the sugar shack, where we sell only maple products. If you wish to have a traditional sugar shack meal, you may go to our restaurant in the Park House with no reservation. The sugar shack meals are served on weekends only during the maple season and on March break.

It is forbidden to fish or hunt in the Park. It is a private property where wildlife is protected.
You may photograph the animals. However, you must stay inside your vehicle during the driving path. You have to take pictures from the inside of your car. Be careful with the camera flash to not scare the animals.

The cost for the caged-in golf carts is 100$ for half a day (3 hours) and 175$ for a day long location. We always ask for a 500$ safety deposit on a credit or debit card or in cash that we reverse at your return if it is not damaged. You can also rent a golf cart to get to the old farm at number 11. There are no reservation, it’s first arrived, first served. 

Some of our walking trails are hardly practicable for people with reduced mobility and for strollers. The ones that are the most accessible are those in zones 4 and 11. As for zone 21, there are a few steps.