To enhance your experience at Parc Oméga, take the opportunity to sleep surrounded by bears and wolves. Rustic and surprising accommodations allow you to extend your stay with us within the Parc. Our accommodation includes access to an observation lookout and a bridge allowing you to watch the animals from up above.You may even notice wild deer wandering freely in the lodging area. To ensure your safety a guard remains on site overnight. Our clients who stay in our accommodations have access to reduced tariffs on entry to the park and the tickets are valid during the totality of your stay – buy your tickets on site to enjoy this reduced price.

We also find in this area a community building where it is possible to prepare meals at any time. It includes microwaves, heaters, stoves, kettles, coffee makers, dishes and more. In addition, a sanitary block with showers and toilets is available at all times


Starting from 100$ including 2 people

The tipis are for pure and simple camping lovers. A little more limited in space than our other types of lodging, this option will offer comfort within nature.

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Starting from 140$ including 2 people

High on a hill surrounded by trees, prospector cabin allow you to enjoy a more intimate lodging space. Enjoy a family atmosphere while experiencing this accommodation for up to 6 people.

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Starting from 160$ including 2 people

These tents will certainly tickle your curiosity with their conic shape and round patio. It will be possible to enjoy every aspect of your stay in nature through its unique and innovative style located near our small lake. Rustic lodging which may accommodate up to 4 people.

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Starting from 180$ including 2 people

These log cabins invite you to enter in a relaxing rustic-cottage-style atmosphere. Their spectacular carved facade honours the artist.

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Starting from 300$ including 4 people

This house will transport you to a tropical climate with its roof made of synthetic palm leaves. Double occupancy cabin, including a room on each side with a half-covered balcony, may accommodate up to 7 people.

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Starting from 549 $ including 4 people

The only accommodation in North America which allows you to spend the night surrounded by a pack of wolves. This log cabin complete with glass façade allows unrestricted face to face interaction with the wolves…

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