In order to ensure your safety and the safety of our animals, it is important to follow the safety instructions. You circulate through the park at your own risk. The park is not responsible for any direct or indirect problems or damages that may occur during the visit.

Safety rules : 

  • To visit the park, it is imperative to have a vehicle (car, bus, recreational vehicle).
  • Motorcycles are not permitted on site. Caged in golf carts are available in summer to drive on the car trail (subject to availability).
  • Pets are strictly prohibited in the park, as well as in the accommodations of Parc Omega for security reasons.
  • On the car trail, it is forbidden to leave the vehicle.
  • At all times, keep all vehicle doors closed (including the tailgate and sliding doors).
  • On the car trail, keep your windows half up to avoid animals getting their heads into your vehicle.
  • It is forbidden to feed bison.
  • Please remain alert to signs with the park safety instructions. For health reasons, some animals cannot be fed.
  • During the mating season (September to mid-November), avoid approaching male cervids. Feeding the males is strictly forbidden.
  • Always keep an eye on your children.
  • The use of a drone without authorization from the park management is strictly forbidden on the entire territory of Parc Omega.