Turing the car safari you will discover a deer that is smaller than the elk, the red deer (Cervus elaphus). The red deer is also recognisable by its grey head and neck as well as its darker coat.

This animal is more ferocious than his cousin, but is still very sociable at the park. The red deer comes from Europe where it can be found anywhere in the great forest. Its range extends to Central Asia.

Like almost all deer only the males have antlers. The red deer’s antlers fall between mid-January and mid-April then grow back soon after. The antlers are rounded and covered in velvet. In summer this velvet falls off. The antlers, then at their maximum size (with sometimes more than twenty points), are ready for the fights which take place between males to win the control of a group of females in autumn. Although they are smaller than elk the red deer’s cry is deeper.