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The moose

At Parc Omega, you will have the chance to observe this great animal, the moose, the largest cervids on the planet. An adult male outweighs even the largest saddle horses and weighs about 600 kg (up to 800 kg in the Yukon and Alaska). This animal is found from Alaska to New England and from Scandinavia to Siberia, in mixed forests and mild to subarctic climates. The span of these wood pallets can reach 1.80 meters.

Despite its giant appearance, the moose moves as quietly as a cat in the forest. They are solitary creatures, however, moose will gather to preserve their heat in the winter.

Their mating season takes place during the last two weeks of September. In late May and early June, the female gives birth to one or two fawns which, after only a few days, run faster than a human.