Tribou, known as reindeer in Europe, live in the arctic regions of Canada, Alaska, Greenland, Scandinavia and Russia. They are small deer which are adapted to polar regions. Their wide hooves help them move easily in the snow. Their dense fur protects them from colder temperatures. Caribous mate at the end of September and females give birth to one or two fawns. between the months of April and May.

Contrary to other species of deer, both male and female caribou have antlers These antlers fall in the winter (males lose their antlers earlier). They eat grass, bark and lichens. Caribou were domesticated by the people of the Eurasian Artic and Subartic, the Lapps in particular. In Siberia, the caribou has been important for the survival of certain groups, providing milk, pelts, meat and transport.

Caribous colonised the northern cold regions during the ice age alongside mammoths, woolly rhinoceros etc. Contrary to the other species they learned to adapt in order to survive until present day.