Throughout you visit you will come across wild boars. The boar is a wild pig native to Europe that loves humid areas. As they need to keep their skin moist, boars will roll in mud in areas called wallows. They have grey skin and thin grey and black fur.

Wild boars can travel great distances and even cross rivers! However, these animals ultimately return to their territory.

The wild boar is an omnivore and consumes roots, bulbs, fruits, nuts cereals and mushrooms. They will also eat many animals such as worms, mollusks, insects and their larvae, small mammals, birds and other species, dead or alive. The boar’s tendancy to dig up the earth to look for food means that they cause a lot of damage to meadows.

The female boar, the sow, will give birth to between two and twelve piglets. The sow will have two or three litters per year, which explains their proliferation in Europe. The piglets have brown striped fur which dissapears as they grow.