Willingly coming closer to vehicles to get some carrots, it is a large Quebecer deer. The wapiti, known under the name of Elk by the North American Anglophones, is a herbivore mammal from the deer family. The name wapiti is actually a North-American deer subspecies (Cervus elaphus) which the natural range covers Europe and North America. From a Montana and Wyoming origin, it is the second largest deer in the world (1,40 m at the shoulder) after the moose (elk). It is recognizable by the big size of the adult males and by its dark russet color of his neck and chest. It is a good swimmer and runner (it can reach the speed of 50 km/h).

The mating season is from mid-September to the end of October. Females give birth between the end of May and beginning of June, generally one fawn. Males are aggressive in the mating season, and, therefore, dangerous.

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