For your safety, be careful and follow the safety instructions. You are at your own risk.

Useful tips

  • Bring your binoculars to see the animals better.

  • Do not forget your camera or video camera.

  • During the car journey, tune in to the Park’s radio station FM 90.1, to learn more about the animals.

  • Please note that peak hours during the summer season are 11 am to 2 pm. determine your visiting hours adequately to improve your experience.

  • Remember to purchase carrots at the Park House in order to maximize your adventure at Parc Oméga.

  • Carefully read the safety instructions on all posters throughout your journey.

  • An information center where you can learn about the different attractions to see and the activities offered.

Policies and safety instructions

  • No pets are allowed in the park and within the lodging area.

  • During the car journey, do not get out of the vehicle. Keep all doors closed (tailgate and sliding doors)

  • During the car journey, leave windows half raised to avoid animals entering their heads in the vehicle.

  • It is forbidden to feed the buffalo.

  • During the mating season (September to mid-November), avoid male deer and elk. It is also important not to feed them.

  • Supervise your children at all times.

  • The vehicle visit is not accessible to motorcycles. Motorcycles are welcome and may rent caged-in golf carts subject to availability.

  • it is forbidden to fly a drone on the park’s territory.

Frequently asked questions in regards to security:

  • Can we exit the car?

During the 15km driving path, it is prohibited to exit the car even to take pictures. You are only allowed to get out of the car in the dedicated walking trail zone.

  • Can we visit the park in pick-up bed??

No, you may not. The pick-up bed is not considered safe enough for this type of journey.

  • Can we visit the Park with a convertible car or jeep without doors?

It is possible to visit the Park in a convertible car or jeep although this alternative does not offer as much protection (jeep, Tyrex, etc). Animals will be able to enter their heads in the vehicle and this reduces your security.

  • Can the animal damage the car?

There are always risks involved in circulating amongst wild animals. The safety instructions that are given to you upon your arrival must be followed at all times reducing the risk of accidents with an animal. Not feeding the animals should keep them at a safe distance from your vehicle. Be safe you are driving at your own risk.

  • Can we visit by motorcycle?

No, it is not possible to circulate in the park by motorcycle. However, there is an alternative: to rent a caged-in golf cart at the admission to visit the park. The n umber of carts is limited: first come, first serve, no reservation.