Lumberjack Camp (Shop)

The Lumberjack Camp will brighten up your visit and allow you to enjoy our activities for longer. There you will find a gift shop overflowing with unique products and you’ll be able to rent snowshoes in the winter. The Lumberjack Camp will meet your needs!

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In the summer season you can stop at the Cookerie and enjoy a delicious meal made with local produce. On the menu: lumberjack poutine, logger’s hot dog and much more! You can enjoy your meal in the sun on our terrace.


Grey wolf observatory

Close to the wolves

Separated by a glass wall, experience a total and fascinating immersion with the wolves at the Park’s observatory. A specialist is there every day to provide information on this legendary animal, one of our prides here at the park. A guide is also on the walkway at all times to answer questions. This is an extraordinary experience that allows you to get up close and personal with the wolves. For canine fanatics, this is an attraction not to be missed. Informative panels are also available for visitors to learn more about this fascinating animal. Whether it’s for a family outing, a group or a couple, this is the perfect activity to escape and observe this animal in its natural habitat.

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Golf cart rental

For those who do not want to tire themselves out, Omega Park offers golf cart rental to get to the Old Farm.

Golf cart rental : 30$ + taxes

Closed for the rest of the season.

Children’s playground

This original piece created by artist and sculptor M. Therrien is a must see attraction. Take the time to enjoy an on-site picnic with the white-tailed deer. You will also find playgrounds and an aerial course for ages 7 and up.

Trading Post

The trading post with its artifacts and numerous illustrations immerses you in the world of fur trade where natives would exchange their fur for European goods with the so called ‘wood runners’. Visit the guard tower and trading post (history museum) every day.

The Old Farm

At this beautifully restored farm, dating from the beginning of the colonisation period, you can visit farm animals. You can get there by foot or by renting a golf cart. You will also find picnic areas there.

For their health and safety, the farm animals can’t be feed.

Aerial boardwalk

Walk from tree to tree thanks to our aerial boardwalk. Kids will love it!

Ice Cream Bar

The Ice Cream Bar is the perfect place for a refreshing ice cream or a slush puppie. You might even bump into our mascot Baribal who loves chocolate ice cream cones. Open in summer only.

Picnic area

Take advantage of our picnic tables placed under shelters and enjoy a moment of peace at the heart of nature. Wild fallow deer will come to you for carrots.