The First Nations trail is accessible in winter and summer, there you may take a stroll and enjoy the history of the 11 First Nations of Quebec, represented by totems made by a Native American artist. Throughout your visit you will be able to observe wild fallow deer. They are not shy and will wait impatiently for carrots.

L’allée des arbres qui parlent

The totems, made by Native American artist Denis Charette, represent each of the first nations and a series of inukshuks showcase the intimate relationship these peoples have with nature and its amazing legends their culture is based on.


The Thunderbird, a symbol for many of the first nations, marks the end of the trail, when passing under his wings you will benefit from its protection.

Aires de pique-nique

Take advantage of our picnic tables placed under shelters and enjoy a moment of peace at the heart of nature. Wild fallow deer will come to you for carrots.

  • Have a picnic under a tipi shaped shelter or a long-house and enjoy the sound of the nearby waterfall.

  • This trail will take you around a lake full of trout.

  • Enjoy a 1.5km walk around the path of talking trees to stretch your legs and learn more about the culture of the First Nations.

  • Dress warmly and bring your snowshoes for a getaway in the forest.