The charm of our picnic areas will definitely add a little magic to your visit to Parc Oméga. The Park House is equipped with picnic tables in the basement especially for those who bring their lunch. Children will definitely love the included playground. Colder conditions are not an excuse not to picnic! Inside and outside options are available.

winter season

  • During your journey, the deer section is the perfect stop to enjoy a hot chocolate.
  • Have no fear of the cold weather since the trading post welcomes you to sit near its warm fireplace.
  • During the sugar season enjoy the trapper’s wood cabin for its picnic tables.

Summer season

  • Whether it’s the wooded area surrounding the Park house among the artist’s sculptures or in the basement with the exhibition hall during rainy days.
  • It is also possible to eat in the First Nations trail where you will be greeted by deer while your children are entertained by feeding the trout in our nearby lake.
  • Why not experiment the colonization trail? Discover the enchanted forest cabin and the rustic playground creating great harmony with nature. Greeted by the whitetail deer, they will be very enthusiastic about sharing your lunch.
  • The old farm also remains an exclusive area where you may end your lunch with a homemade dessert and excellent coffee. The options are numerous and the experiences unforgettable.

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