At Parc Oméga, a group consists of 15 paying people (people of 2 years old and over, excluding the free admissions), which allows you to get preferential admission fees. All the members of the group must be at the admission at the same time. To benefit of our group rates, we ask that only one payment be made for the whole group. Our group rates are available on demand.

To book a group, ask for a reservation form at or by phone at 1-819-423-5487 ext. 201. If you do not have an email address, the booking will be done by the phone.

Do not hesitate to ask questions or to tell us about your group inquiries (reduced mobility, visitors’ particular profile, visit wishes, etc.) in order to better organize your day.

Reservation Delays

For an Omega bus and/or guide reservation, it is recommended to make the reservation as soon as possible to make sure that there are availabilities. If you do not request an Omega bus or guide, a reservation made 72 hours in advance is sufficient.

Service cancellations

All cancellations of an Omega bus, Omega guide or Omega Lunch must be made at least 48 hours in advance, failing to do so will inflict penalties. It is, however, possible to adjust the number of people until the arrival of the group, as long as you respect the number of people required to form a group. You can ask the reservation and cancellation policy of the Omega bus and guide at or by phone at 1-819-423-5487 ext. 201.