The grey wolf, this legendary creature, is one of the prides of the park. Also called timber wolf, it is the largest of canids in North America (66 to 97 cm at the shoulder).

As its name suggests, its fur is ash-grey but can vary from white to black. The grey wolf is a sociable animal that lives in highly hierarchical pack. Only the faithful the dominant male and female couples can reproduce. The other animals are dominated, and have to wait for food, for example, the permission of the dominant pair.

Wolves hunt in packs, following a strategy. They locate their prey (often a small animal, young or old, sick), encircle and then attack.

The female gives birth to four to ten young ones, sometimes more, in a den (1 meter in diameter) connected to the outside through a tunnel from two to nine meters.

Once covering North America, the excessive hunting and destruction of this habitat has now caused him to live in northern Canada.

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