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The silver fox

Of the same genetics as the red fox, the silver fox is less widespread. It is distinguished by its coat which can vary from complete black to blue, gray or ash gray. However, the tip of its tail is always white, counting for one third of the total length of the animal (from 90 to 112 cm).

Like most canids, they use their sense of smell, sight and hearing to hunt. Its acuteness is very developed and allows them to spot and smell its prey even if they are well hidden.

This mammal, native to North America, belongs to the canids family like the coyote and the wolf, and is therefore carnivorous. Nevertheless, in the park they share their territory with the Rocky Mountain goats. They have nothing to fear since they can weigh more than 22 times the weight of the fox and the latter only hunts small mammals such as mice, squirrels or rabbits.