During this adventure discover the Alpine ibex amongst the rocks. Native from Europe, this animal likes rocky areas. Theses amazing climbers master their balance and may undertake any type of vertical wall within European mountains.

Measuring between 75 to 90 cm at the shoulder for a length of, from the muzzle to the tail, about 1,40 to 1,60 meters. Its weight varies over the season, going from 65 to 100 kilograms.

Stocky, it has short but solid legs, which is why you can see him stand either ath the bottom of the rock or on its summit. It has a large neck and its eyes are quite far apart but the most outstanding characteristic of the male ibex is in its horns.

The horn fights between male ibex during mating season is spectacular! Engaging against one another, the impact and noise of their horns hitting each other vibrates in distant valleys.

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