The park is now open. In order to welcome our visitors in the best possible conditions and to support the efforts of public health officials, we have put in place many sanitary procedures. We have also adapted our infrastructures and services to comply with the measures suggested by public health. To properly plan your visit, we invite you to consult this Covid-19 special guidelines and procedures.

Booking and ticket purchases
Booking and purchasing your tickets online is now MANDATORY. When you purchase your tickets, you must book the date and time you wish to come visit the Parc via our online ticket services. After your purchase, you will receive your tickets by email, as well as the map of the park and the new safety rules to follow during your visit. Please note that there will be no maps available at the admission.

MODIFICATION TO YOUR RESERVATION : It is possible to change the date and time of your visit depending on availability by following the link sent with your tickets.

Tuango tickets, low season tickets and gift card

Only holders of Tuango tickets, low season tickets and gift cards can come to the park without reservation.

Please note that low season tickets will be valid at all times until December 31 2020. Tuango tickets are valid until December 31 2021.

No reservation required for customers with a reservation in our accommodation. You can buy your tickets on site and get a preferential rate.

For visitors who have already bought their tickets, you can download the map here


The Outaouais region is currently in an orange zone. The park remains open, but modifications and additions have been made to strengthen the sanitary measures already in place.

  • Wearing a mask is now mandatory as soon as you step out your vehicle at walking trails. You can remove your mask once you sit at a picnic table for example.
  • Limit of 25 people in indoor buildings (shops, restaurants, wolf observatory)
  • Limit of 6 people or one family per table at restaurants

Covid-19 safety guidelines to be followed

  • Masks is mandatory in indoor areas since July 18. Masks are also available for purchase at the admission.
  • At all times, you must maintain a minimum physical distance of two metres with other visitors that are not from your group, as well as with employees.
  • All sales outlets and walking trails in the park have appropriate signaling to ensure physical distancing is respected.
  • Hand sanitizer is available throughout the park for on-site use.
  • You may feed the animals, but you must avoid contact as much as possible (i.e. no touching). The animals can be fed carrots only. You can bring your own carrots, or you can purchase some on site.
  • We strongly recommend that you wash and/or disinfect your hands, especially before and after touching an animal or after touching an object that does not belong to you.
  • During your visit, do not get out of your vehicle. Always keep doors closed, including the tailgate, and sliding doors.
  • It is prohibited to feed the bison for safety reasons.

Please also respect our general safety instructions (

Sanitary measures put in place

  • Limited and controlled number of visitors per day
  • Tickets are available for purchase online only
  • The admission is equipped with Plexiglass
  • Payment by cash is strongly discouraged. Points of sale accept both debit and credit cards. (Note that we do not accept American Express or Discovery).
  • We recommend that clients wear a mask.
  • Physical distancing of a minimum of 2 metres must be respected at all times.
  • Picnic areas have been modified to increase the distance between tables.
  • The walking trails have been revised and turned into one-ways to facilitate physical distancing.
  • Hand sanitizer is available throughout the park and dispensers are checked and cleaned frequently.
  • Food will be sold for take-out only.
  • New, widely spaced, individual mobile toilets have been installed in different areas of the park. These toilets are each equipped with their own sinks.
  • A sanitary team is assigned to clean and disinfect the toilets regularly. We use products that are labelled “professional” and that are recognized to be effective.
  • New garbage bins are installed along the route with a system that allows them to be used without leaving the vehicle.
  • Sinks are installed near the picnic areas to allow clients to wash their hands before eating.
  • Employees that are in contact with visitors and animals must wear masks and gloves.
  • Employees are trained on proper hygiene habits to reduced propagation risks.
  • All current employees must comply with strict hygiene guidelines (physical distancing, hand washing, respiratory etiquette, maintenance, and disinfection of work tools, etc.) to reduce the spread of the virus.

Services and activities maintained

  • The 12km car ride and feeding the animals with carrots
  • The walking trails in zone 4 and zone 11
  • The outdoor and indoor picnic areas
  • The Park House (Zone 2) (local market, washrooms and restaurant)
  • Caged-in golf karts for the car tour (at the Park House)
  • Golf cart rental remains available to go to the farm
  • The farm with a one-way visit
  • The wolf presentations in zone 11 are offered continuously with a limited number of people at a time.
  • The restaurant The Cookerie (zone 11) with meals sold for take-out. Picnic tables are installed in this area as well.
  • Take-out snacks will be sold at the beginning of the trail (zone 2)
  • The boutique in zone 11 will be open with a separate entrance and
  • Carrots will be available for purchase. We promote online sales; however, it is possible to buy them on site, with a secure distribution.
  • The ice cream stand

Services and activities suspended

  • Group reservations (bus guide and rental services)
  • The kennel will be unavailable at the admission
  • Bird of prey show
  • Children’s play areas, including the suspended bridge in the tree (zone 11)
  • The sugar shack and its associated activities
  • The food to feed the trout and deer will be unavailable
  • The tractor shuttle to get to the fAccess to the farm will only be on foot or by golf cart


Please note, to this date, the animals found in Parc Omega are not at risk of contracting or spreading Covid-19.

Out of respect for everyone, Please do not show up at the park if you have symptoms of Covid-19 (fever, cough, difficulty breathing, sore throat, loss of smell).