The seasonal activities


Winter season

New this year.
Animation every weekend and Holiday season

A multitude of activities are offered every day all year long. We invite you to visit our website to know more about them.

Sugar shack

Enjoy our taffy on snow and stock up some maple products from our old sugar shack. Open every day from February 28th.

Zone 21:

Wolves and bears are fascinating to you? Meet with our guide on the boardwalk to know more about them. Presentations at 1 pm and 3 pm.

Zone 11:

Animal presentation including bird of prey every weekend and every day from February 29th to March 4th and from March 14th to 18th. Presentations at 12h and 2 pm.

Horse-drawn carriage during March break (February 29th to March 4th and March 14th to 18th) and every weekend if the weather conditions are good.

Visit the watchtower and the trading post (museum of our history) every day.


Area 4 : First Nations Trail

In an enchanting place, walk through the 1 km trail around the trout lake where you penetrate into the magical world of 11 Aboriginal Nations of Quebec.
The totem of the 7 fires of more than 45’ tall evokes an aboriginal prophecy that leads us to a world of peace and reconciliation.
Totems carved by the artist of an Algonquin origin, Denis Charrette, representing all Aboriginal Nations and a series of Inukshuk illustrates the intimate relationship that these nations have with nature and fabulous legends, foundation of their culture. “It is the trail of the talking trees.”
The Thunder-Bird, a symbolic figure amongst many Aboriginal Nations, is at the end of the trail from which you will benefit its powerful protection if you pass under its wings.


Area 11: Colonization trail


The trading post

The trading post with its artifacts and numerous illustrations will make you dive into the fur trade world, where Aboriginals and fur traders began their trade of European products.




The enchanted forest cabin

This original piece from the carving artist M. Therrien is a must. Take advantage of this place to have a picnic in the company of white-tailed deer. You will also find a playground and an aerial course for those aged from 7 to 77.
Discover the enchanted house, one of M. Therrien’s carvings, and the new aerial course in the white-tailed deer picnic area.




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