Safety instructions

For your safety, be safe and follow the safety instructions. You are at your own risks.

On the trail:

  • Do not get out of the vehicle. Keep all doors closed (tailgate and sliding doors)
  • Keep your windows half closed to avoid having the animals try to enter their heads into your vehicle. Do not feed the bisons.
  • During the mating season (September to mid-November), avoid the deer and the male wapitis and do not feed them.
  • Toss the carrots for the little animals, the wild boars and the Alpine ibex, in order to prevent having them climb on your car.
  • In winter, do not stop uphill; keep a good distance from the other vehicles; and stay in the middle of the road since it is not as large as it appears.

At all times: Supervise your children.

Thank you

Further questions and answers concerning safety:


Can we exit the car?

During the 15km driving path, it is prohibited to exit the car even to take pictures. You are only allowed to get out of your car in the dedicated walking trail zones.

Can we visit the Park in the pick-up bed?

No, you may not. All doors must be kept closed even if, for some reasons, your car windows cannot open. This is for your safety.

Can we visit the Park with a convertible car or a jeep without doors?

It is not recommended that you go around the Park in a car that does not offer as much protection (Jeep, Tyrex, etc.) as in closed cars. The animals have direct access to you, which puts you at a greater danger. The Omega Park is not responsible for accidents. At the admission, we will ask you to close the top of your convertible.

Can the animals damage the car?

There are always risks involved in circulating amongst wild animals. The safety instructions that are given to you upon your arrival must be followed at all times. That will greatly reduce the risk of accidents with an animal. Be safe, you are driving at your own risks.

Can we visit by motorcycle?

No, it is not possible to circulate in the Park by motorcycle. However, there is an alternative: to rent a caged-in golf cart at the admission to visit the Park. The number of golf carts is limited: first come, first serve, no reservation.